Bluetooth tracking button

With the Habit hardware, track your health with the press of a button.

Mobile App

Intelligent data feedback

The Habit mobile app will learn from data input and provide helpful feedback.

Cloud Database

Device agnostic

Habit's data is stored in the cloud where it can be accessed regardless of device.

What is Habit?


Record Stress

Pressure sensor and capacitive touch button.

Habit allows you to record whenever you're feeling stress and/or anxiety. Press the Habit button whenever you feel stress, and press hard depending how much stress you're feeling.

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Get Tips

Learn to reduce stress.

The Habit app will learn from your stress inputs and provide helpful tips on how to reduce stress. Over time, we will reduce your stress levels.

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Share Securely

Share with healthcare professionals.

Share your stress and anxiety data with your healthcare professional to improve treatment. We will store your data securely and everything is HIPAA compliant.

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Who is Open Yew?

We have a great team.

Kyle McInnes

Marketing and sales.

Michael Grant

Electrical engineering and hardware.

Jennifer Baba

Industrial design and materials.